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[pr_iconanimation icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-usd” size=”2″ ico_color=”#02a0ac”]Financial Audit
We perform a review of the financial statements in order to deliver an opinion of their accuracy according with General Accounting Accepted Principles.[/pr_iconanimation]
[pr_iconanimation icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-cog” size=”2″ ico_color=”#02a0ac”]Operative Audit
Independent analytic, objective and systemic review on company operations, to determine if they are compliance with internal policies, if they are using eficiently their resources and if the company objectives were reached.[/pr_iconanimation]
[pr_iconanimation icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-user” size=”2″ ico_color=”#02a0ac”]Performance Audit
Independent review on companies operations, including the evaluation on how reasonable are their politics and goals, means to accomplish them and control activities to follow up the results.[/pr_iconanimation]
[pr_iconanimation icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-stack-overflow” size=”2″ ico_color=”#02a0ac”]Internal Audit
We perform a systemic and critical review on internal control system, offering suggestions for its improvement, reporting to the high level of direction, becoming control advisors, giving to the management trust in their internal control system, taking corrections when is needed, reducing risks regarding financial information, compliance with internal policies and legal requirements, efficiency and effectiveness in business processes.[/pr_iconanimation]


World Trade Center, Pacific Mall Calle 36N # 6A - 65 Piso 19, Oficina 1911 Cali, Colombia.

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