Physical count and appraisals on assets under IFRS

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  • Phisycal count on inventories and fixed assets.
  • Appraisals under IFRS.
  • Identification of assets.
  • Reconciliation with accoountings records.

MGI Vía Consultoria S.A.S. has wide experience in appraisals according to IFRS and physical count of:
  • Rural and urban properties.
  • Machinery and equipment.
  • Furniture.
  • Computing and communication hardware.
  • Vehicules and transportation fleet.

It is a national rendered service based on experience and knowledge on properties and appraisal system for every case.

  • Appraisals of rural and urban properties.
  • Appraisals on constructions in progress.
  • IFRS appraisal.
  • Industrial appraisals.
  • Machinery and equipment appraisal.
  • Going concern appraisal.
  • Fixed assets physical count and encode.
  • Valuation of financial instruments.
  • Economic studies.
  • Asset administration.
  • Land negotiation.

Our strategic ally is registered at Lonja de Propiedad Raíz de Cali and is member of the Colombian Society of appraisers. They are also registered in the National Registration of Industry and commerce and in the Pan-American Union of Appraisers Associations, UPAV..


  • Physical Count of inventories an fixed assets.
  • To Identify goods/assets.
  • Determine physical condition of assets.
  • To Identify damaged or obsolet assets.
  • To determine legal aspects regarding the assets.
  • To determine, useful live according with its condition.


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