Legal Outsourcing

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This is a preventing consulting service with support or decisión making over legal documents or facts that imply legal estudy, analysis, adecuacy and recommendations over situations that requieres legal atention for the company.



Implies the following activities:


Company analysis form a legal perspective

It implies to study documental information from the company to identify legal contingencies and suggests effective solutions in order to let the company works well.



Advise on labor matters

  • Answers to labor questions
  • Review and preparation on labor contracts
  • Preparation and review of the labor internal rules
  • Acompaining o labor audiences at formal authorities

We collaborate with the client and attend their questions and doubts in labor aspects (contracts, ending contracts, compensations, salary, benefits, Sunday work and overtime, among others). Also on social security (pensions, health and professional risks). Considering the different kind of contracts we build the right options for the company.



Commercial Advise

  • Constitution of commercial societies, simplified shares and impersonal companies.
  • Constitution of temporal unions, and joint ventures.
  • Modifications on commercial statuts.
  • Preparation and revision of Board of Directors minutes.
  • Stockholder´s book.
  • Preparation of Regulation of shares subscriptions.
  • Preparation of contracts of shares acquisition.
  • Societies merge and aquisitions.
  • Company disolution and settlement.
  • Commercial contracts review.
  • Joint ventures contracts.

This is possible bacause of the acquired knowledge and experience inside commercial societies, founding ourselves in the best position to develop and find the adequate solution considering the social activity of the company and its contingencies.



Atention to the process at Contentious Administrative Jurisdiction after exhaustiveness of government via, in taxation

Exhausted the procedure at DIAN, the taxpayer find himself still disagree with taxation authorities decisions.

We offer the legal option that implies to go at the Administrative Contentious Jurisdiction, the Justice branch of the Colombia Government, in order to take actions in defense of individual interests.



Trademark Rigths and Intelectual Property

  • Registration of Intellectual property and Copyright in Colombia and oversea.
  • Company trade secrets protection.
  • Franchise registration.
  • Sanitation registration.
  • Foreing Investment.
  • Company constitution in USA and Panama.
  • Disloyal competition.

We have the required law knowledge in order to guarantee the protection of the intellectual property both in Colombia and abroad following the entire process, respecting the legal process in every country and taking care of the clients.


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