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Service rendered on an integrated approach which includes audit systems (IT), legal, taxation and financial support, both to our clients and professional staff. This service is based on its formal principles, permanency, integrality, opportunity, preventive function, independence, objectivity, public faith, rationality performance, general coverage and compliance with professional standards.

We give confidence in the compliance of internal and external standards that apply to the entity. Integrity, reliability and relevance of the financial information provided by the management. Diligence from the management to benefit the organization, efficacy and effectiveness on objective achievement and on used resources.

Scope of our service

  • Starting visit to know the entity, its legal aspects, accounting systems and internal control enviroment.
  • Periodic visits in which we will perform analitycs and sustantive test on the financial statements figures, support on specific tests and compliance verification on standards that apply to the entity. Review of tax declarations (withholdings, annual taxes and reports to oversee authorities).
  • Participation of the Manager, Director and partner to Directors meetings, to accompany in the presentation on results, perspectives and forecasts.
  • Answer to questions, other meetings and support from the Legal and Tax Director.
  • IT audit. Review of the current information systems. Information security, Codes access, authorization levels, hardware protection, backup and contingencies plans, among others.
  • Assistance and observation of physical count on inventories.

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World Trade Center, Pacific Mall Calle 36N # 6A - 65 Piso 19, Oficina 1911 Cali, Colombia.

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