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Our Services

We are an especialized organization in Fiscal Revisory and Outsourcing, oriented to develop competitive advantages to our clients.

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Fiscal Revisory

We give confidence complying with internal and external standards or rules that apply to the entity.


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Accounting Outsourcing

We manage all the accounting operation and the preparation of tax declarations and reports to oversee institutions.

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Tax outsourcing

Risk assessment and opportunities evaluation on taxation. Advice on dealing with fiscal authorities.

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Magnetic Media

Is a service that advice, trains and accompanies on Magnetic Media planning, preparation and presentation according with legal requirements.

More services for your company
[pr_iconanimation icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-stack-exchange” size=”2″ animation=”float” ico_color=”#02a0ac”]Payroll outsourcing Standards and constant changes on this matter, remuneration structure, and confidentiality, make this area a very specialized one.[/pr_iconanimation]
[pr_iconanimation icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-balance-scale” size=”2″ animation=”float” ico_color=”#02a0ac”]Legal outsourcing Is a preventive and supportive advisory service on legal documentation or facts.[/pr_iconanimation]
[pr_iconanimation icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-search” size=”2″ animation=”float” ico_color=”#02a0ac”]Audit Review on operations in order to measure and evaluate compliance on procedures and control.[/pr_iconanimation]
[pr_iconanimation icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-th-large” size=”2″ animation=”float” ico_color=”#02a0ac”]Inventories and appraisals on fixed assets under IFRS We have experience on technical appraisals under IFRS.[/pr_iconanimation]
[pr_iconanimation icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-pencil” size=”2″ animation=”float” ico_color=”#02a0ac”]Fiscal Revisory Our approach on fiscal revisory is integral and based on principles of permanency, integrity and compliance with standards of the accounting profession[/pr_iconanimation]
[pr_iconanimation icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-usd” size=”2″ animation=”float” ico_color=”#02a0ac”]Cost Strategic management Diagnosis, design, implement and maintenance on this area, providing to our clients with a success path to efficiency and effectiveness in order to keep their future permanence.[/pr_iconanimation]
[pr_iconanimation icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-magnet” size=”2″ animation=”float” ico_color=”#02a0ac”]Magnetic Media Is a service that advice, trains and accompanies on Magnetic Media planning, preparation and presentation according with legal requirements.[/pr_iconanimation]
[pr_iconanimation icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-plus-circle” size=”2″ animation=”float” ico_color=”#02a0ac”]Other services Company business, and trademark valuation, Key performance indicators, IT consulting and auditing, IFRS consulting and advising.[/pr_iconanimation]


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